The State of Missouri sentenced Ricky Kidd to life. The Midwest Innocence Project helped him take it back.

Paying It Forward: How Mentors are Helping Open Career Doors at Koch

Felipe Lopez faced a number of speedbumps in college that threatened to impede his efforts to earn a degree. He worked three jobs to pay tuition, making it harder to focus on classes. As the first in his family to attend college, there was no one to show him the ropes, so he learned about internships, networking and how to write a resume through trial and error.

Improving Our Workflow: Georgia-Pacific Mill Reduces Water Use by 40% in 10 Weeks

The processes for making paper have evolved over hundreds of years, but one ingredient has stayed the same — water. The precious natural resource is vital to creating every sheet of paper in existence, from napkins to notebooks to cardboard boxes.


No Experience Necessary: New Koch Collaboration with Catalyte Removes Barriers to Transformative Careers

After unsuccessfully seeking a software developer job for months last year, Brock Lubbers realized he needed more than a high school programming class on his resume. A self-taught coder, the 22-year-old couldn’t meet...