The Key to Koch’s Surge in EPA Awards: Business As Usual

Koch’s work to use resources as efficiently as possible isn’t new. But within these efforts, boosting energy efficiency has become even more of priority because of its benefits in reducing emissions and saving energy. 

Cutting Edge: How an Inquiring Mind Found His Niche at Koch-Glitsch

Pedro Osornio is a natural-born tinkerer. He recently started a job programming hi-tech laser-cutting machines at Koch. And just feet from where he sits today are the stairs and elevators he once swept as a member of the contracted cleaning crew. 

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CTRL/ALT/Disrupt: The Crypto Network with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have long been the catalysts of technological disruption, first in pioneering the digital social network and then with the rise of Bitcoin. Today, as cofounders of Gemini, a cryptocurr...