The State of Missouri sentenced Ricky Kidd to life. The Midwest Innocence Project helped him take it back.

Paying It Forward: How Mentors are Helping Open Career Doors at Koch

Felipe Lopez faced a number of speedbumps in college that threatened to impede his efforts to earn a degree. That’s why Felipe, now a senior business analyst at Koch Global Services in Wichita, decided to help smooth the way for kids like him.

Improving Our Workflow: Georgia-Pacific Mill Reduces Water Use by 40% in 10 Weeks

The processes for making paper have evolved over hundreds of years, but one ingredient has stayed the same — water. The precious natural resource is vital to creating every sheet of paper in existence, from napkins to notebooks to cardboard boxes.


No Experience Necessary: New Koch Collaboration with Catalyte Removes Barriers to Transformative Careers

After unsuccessfully seeking a software developer job for months last year, Brock Lubbers realized he needed more than a high school programming class on his resume. A self-taught coder, the 22-year-old couldn’t meet...